Distorted Memories II

by Based Frequency

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Welcome to the long awaited continuation to my first album Distorted Memories. In the first segment we touched on experiences from my youth before my descent into mental illness .In Distorted Memories II we focus on the near present and my early adulthood. This is a tale of loneliness,abandonment and mania from withing the forest which i call home. When love and light used to be my muse, now darkness and pain fuels me. Enjoy a glimpse into my downward spiral. It was nice knowing you all ♥

~Brewing in my mind~

~I don't want to be the one~
It took me so long to realize that no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you love someone and want to save them we cant. They feed on chaos and we have to stop falling victim to their manipulative ways.

~☁and i wonder where you are☁~
Ever think back about that one person that you thought you would spend your whole life with? Sometimes i wonder where they are, how their lives are. Are they living in pain or happiness?

Isn't it pathetic as humans how we hold on hardest to those who hurt us most. Maybe its just part of my conditioning but what can i say, i'm a slave to my desires.

~Don't cry for me, i'm already dead~
Oh my drugs and alcohol♥ disassociation will be the death of me in the form of a overdose. i got to stop running.

~Leave with me now~
What if you had a chance with her again, would you take it? Can she be trusted?


~I keep trying~
I guess no matter what i got to keep my head up and keep trying and aiming for a brighter tomorrow. For someone who will appreciate me for me and not judge me by my quirks or interests. Synth shawdy where you at?

I'm beautiful on the inside too you know. </3

~Taking Control~
I can't let my emotions keep running me like a emo 14yo. I'm a adult now it's time to get my shit together. Change is scary, especially sobriety but i'll make it ^_^

~As long as you ♥ me~
This goes back to my bad habits of i don't care how you treat me or if you are a bitch as long as you love me(or make me feel loved). A man will put up with a lot of shit for love. Except cheating get yo ass out the door with that shit

Is it just me or is it impossible to get a date these days. I reach out and people look at me like i'm some kind of
alien. It's like it has suddenly become so negative to be a artist these days. Society got me feeling guilty :(

~I'm not going to let you hurt me~
Really tho i'm done with these two faced girls, hot one sec cold the next. I'm not a pawn in to be used so that they
can feel better. You want me? Commit, don't pretend i don't exist.


released September 11, 2016




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樹海 Jukai Suicide Forest Kyoto, Japan

Worldwide artist collective led by Based Frequency.

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